Why do some people hate iPhones

    Why do some people hate iPhones

  • 1 They think it's over-hyped

    Some people believe that the iPhone is over-hyped, and that it's a normal phone that isn't very different from other phones. See why many people like the iPhone.

  • 2 They don't like the way iPhone fans glorify their phones

    Some people hate the way some iPhone owners glorify their phones. According to psychologists, jealousy can even happen when a person finds that someone is giving extra attention or care to an object, such as a phone.

  • 3 They think it's over-priced

    Some people think that the iPhone is over-priced, and that it's just an ordinary smartphone that shouldn't be too costly like any other phone. See also why the Apple watch is expensive.

  • 4 They hate the attitude of iPhone owners

    Some iPhone owners put down other phones and make bad remarks about them, and sometimes about their owners. The fact that a person can get criticized for not owning an iPhone might make them hate the device. See why some Android users hate iPhone users.

  • 5 They don't like the fact that many people recommend it

    When more than one person recommends something to a stubborn person, this person might resist by hating whatever is being recommended.

  • 6 Because many iPhone users use the 'them and us' classification

    Many iPhone users believe that they belong to a special community (iPhone owners), and refer to other smartphone owners as a strange group (them). The them and us concept sometimes offends non-iPhone users.

  • 7 They don't like the restrictions Apple puts

    Apple restricts so many things on the device compared to other manufacturers, such as Samsung. Some of the hackers and people who like to tweak their phones don't like those kinds of restrictions.

  • 8 Some people can't afford it

    If a person can't afford to buy something, he might try to make it look bad. Psychologists call this self-deception. Some people, who can't afford to buy an iPhone, might try to put it down to make themselves feel good.

  • 9 They don't like the closed ecosystem

    Apple is based on a closed ecosystem where it can be hard for a person to take a full advantage of a product if they don't own another Apple product.

  • 10 They hate Apple or Steve Jobs

    People who dislike Apple or Steve Jobs usually dislike everything they produce.