Why do some people hate their parents

  • 1 They are rebelling against them

    Some people hate their parents when they are going through a phase of rebellion. 

  • 2 They are abusive

    Some people hate their parents as a result of them being abusive. 

  • 3 They are addicts

    Kids who grow up with parents who are addicts often end up hating them if they don't stop. 

  • 4 They like being independent

    Some kids like depending on themselves, which could lead them to hate their parents' authority over them. 

  • 5 They favor another child

    Some people end up hating their parents if they favor one of their siblings over them. 

  • 6 Due to peer pressure

    In some cases, kids are pressured into hating their parents by their friends who push them to do things their parents wouldn't approve of. 

  • 7 They put them through difficulties

    Some people hate their parents for putting them through difficult situations such as divorce or poverty. 

  • 8 They are emotionally abusive

    Some parents tend to emotionally abuse their children for certain purposes, which often leads to hatred. See How emotional abuse affects the brain

  • 9 Due to comparing them to others

    Some people hate their parents when they compare them to other parents and find that there are things they don't have. 

  • 10 They are not supportive

    In some cases, parents discourage their children from pursuing their dreams, which makes the child resent them.

  • 11 They abandoned them

    Some people hate one or both of their parents for abandoning them when they were young. 

  • 12 They don't allow them to grow

    Some kids experience a stunted childhood or adolescence due to their parents not giving them enough space to grow, which makes the child resent them in a way. 

  • 13 They are too strict

    Some parents are strict to the extent that they don't allow their children to experience life normally, which could result in negative feelings towards the parents. 

  • 14 They are overprotective

    Overprotective parents think their behavior is in their child's best interest; however, it usually results in bearing negative feelings towards the parents. 

  • 15 Due to lack of attention

    Some parents fail to give their children enough attention due to many reasons, which could make the child hate them.