why do some people hate to have children

    why do some people hate to have children

  • 1 They don't want to distract themselves

    Some people believe that children can be a distraction especially if they came in the wrong time. Those people usually have very important goals that they are working on and thus they prefer to have children later when their goals are met (See Type A personalities).

  • 2 They have been raised in a crowded house

    People who get raised in crowded houses where no child gets the attention he needs might hate the idea of having more than one kid. Because they suffered as a result of having many siblings they don't want to repeat the same experience for their children .

  • 3 They are selfish

    Selfish people might hate the idea of having kids. A selfish person might hate the fact that kids can prevent him from reaching his important goals in life and thus can refrain from having kids (See Why selfishness is bad).

  • 4 They have low tolerance for children

    People who have low tolerance might prefer not to have children. Because those people don't want to invest too much emotional and physical effort in a child they might refrain from having children (See why are some people impatient).

  • 5 They don't need children

    People need children for various reasons such as having a loving family, finding someone to talk to or someone to help them in their quest. Some people don't have any of these needs and thus they find the idea of having children a burden that has no advantages .

  • 6 To prevent their children from suffering

    Some people believe that life involves a lot of suffering and that by bringing a new child to the world his suffering would start .

  • 7 They hate to take responsibility for others

    Some people hate to take responsibility for others but themselves. Those people usually believe that kids can be a great burden .

  • 8 They have a very busy life

    Some people don't like children because they have so busy lives. Those people believe that if they got children their lives might be ruined or changed to the worse .

  • 9 Money related fears

    Some people hate the idea of not being able to find enough money to raise their children. Those people might want to have kids but might be too afraid to bring them to life without knowing how they will handle their expenses .

  • 10 Bad relationship with parents

    A poor relationship with parents can be one of the possible causes that make some people hate having children .

  • 11 Seeing people suffer because of children

    If a person saw close people suffering because they had children then this person might hate the idea of having children and might decide to avoid them .

  • 12 Some women are afraid of pregnancy

    Some women hate the process of pregnancy and its health risks. They prefer to live a comfortable life and thus they refrain from the idea of having children (See how to get pregnant fast).

  • 13 They are Afraid that it would affect their relationship

    Some couples believe that kids can reduce the intimacy of their relationships or can even make their relationship tear apart. Under the effect of that fear some people choose not to have children .

  • 14 Rebelling against the feminine role

    Some women hate to have children because of their unconscious desire to rebel against the feminine role. When a woman feels that she is oppressed or that she is untreated fairly because she is a female she might hate the female role all together and move away from anything that can remind her of it .