Why do some people laugh inside elevators

    Why do some people laugh inside elevators

  • 1 To ease discomfort

    A person usually laughs in elevators when a strangers are around. Because that person feels uncomfortable he laughs to ease those feelings. This usually happens when two friends get inside the elevator with other strangers (See why we feel uncomfortable inside elevators).

  • 2 Because they aren't supposed to laugh

    When people find themselves in situations where they can't laugh they become more likely to burst in laughter especially if they tried to resist laughter. This can sometimes happen during lectures, presentations and even funerals.

  • 3 Their friends started laughing

    When a person sees a friend trying to restrain laughter the mirror neurons in the brain fire and this person feels like laughing as well. People are more likely to laugh in elevators when a friend accompanies them.

  • 4 To cope with embarrassment

    Laughter is one of the popular coping methods humans use. To cope with Embarrassment some people start laughing inside elevators.

  • 5 Because it's tempting

    Studies have found that the human mind will think more about the thoughts a person is trying to push away. The more a person tries to restrain his laughter the more likely he will start to laugh.

  • 6 People share a small space

    Humans need to have some private space around them to feel comfortable. When people get close to each other inside elevators they feel a bit awkward. To combat those feelings some people unconsciously feel like laughing.

  • 7 To escape from unwanted feelings

    People can explode in laughter when they experience some unpleasant emotions such discomfort. The goal of laughter in this case is to evade those unwanted emotions.

  • 8 They visualize their friends doing funny faces

    Some people start laughing in elevators as soon as they visualize their friends doing funny things or funny faces. Again those thoughts are usually caused by feelings of discomfort.