Why do some people like Path of Exile game

    Why do some people like Path of Exile game

  • 1 Similar to Diablo games

    Path of Exile is very similar to very popular Diablo games. Players follow a linear story fighting against numerous evil foes.

  • 2 Much more like Diablo 3 than what was delivered by Blizzard

    Path of Exile is much more similar to what players expected Diablo 3 to be than what was delivered by Blizzard. The tone of setting and gameplay is reminiscent of Diablo 1 and 2 which many players prefer.

  • 3 Realistic graphics of the latest generation

    Path of Exile has graphics with realistic proportions and uses latest technology to enhance visual presentation. Many players only play games that have the latest visual graphics.

  • 4 Fast gameplay

    The gameplay of the game is very fast. The player has to react quickly or be overcome by enemy hordes. This sort of game caters to today's instant gratification, short-attention span players.

  • 5 Challenging gameplay

    The gameplay can become very challenging. Defeating a tough foe gives a sense of achievement to some players.

  • 6 Great variety of character building options

    Path of Exile has one of the most advanced character building systems in the market. Such great variety of options makes the game very re-playable and thus prolongs its popularity.

  • 7 Great variety of loot

    Path of Exile has very rich random loot systems. These valuable items are randomly earned, which keeps the players motivated as they are constantly anticipating even greater rewards.

  • 8 Easy learning curve

    Although Path of Exile utilizes a detailed character building system, the gameplay is very easy to learn. The player just has to move around and click on the enemies until they drop dead.

  • 9 Free to play

    The game is free to play, no charge of money is necessary to start playing it. The only revenue comes from players buying cosmetic upgrades such as pets and different clothing.

  • 10 Continual updates and support

    The team behind Path of Exile updates the games very frequently and continuously expands the game's story with new areas, enemies, abilities and loot.

  • 11 Numerous novelty elements

    Lots of the game is based on random generators - area layouts, enemies, loots are all randomized. This makes the game re-playable and more popular.