Why do some people prefer texting over phone calls

  • 1 It's faster

    Many people prefer Texting over phone calls because they believe that they are a faster method to deliver the message they want to deliver (see also why we want everything fast).

  • 2 They don't have much time

    Busy people and Type A personalities usually prefer texts since they can control the amount of time it takes them to send it. Phone calls on the other hand can hardly be predictable since they can take longer than expected.

  • 3 They are shy

    Some people are too shy to face strangers or to call someone they barely know. Those people prefer to send text messages because it makes them feel more comfortable.

  • 4 It's cheaper

    Text messages are usually much cheaper than phone calls. Some people prefer to send their messages using text all the time to save money.

  • 5 To maintain privacy

    If a person is an a public place then he might not want others to hear his phone call. In such a case that person might text instead of calling someone (See why do people care about privacy).

  • 6 Not to distract himself

    A person can decide to text someone instead of calling not to distract himself while doing a certain task as phone calls usually require full attention (See also why do people procrastinate).

  • 7 Laziness

    Some people suggest that humans are lazy by nature and that they always prefer the shorter path over the loner one. If the message can be delivered through a text then its usually preferred to phone.

  • 8 Contacting more than person at once

    Text messages easily allow a people to contact more than one person at once. Phone calls on the other hand usually limit the person's ability to speak to someone else.

  • 9 To avoid network problems

    A person can send a text message to avoid network problems such as bad quality or poor connection. A person can just leave the message and wait for it to get delivered to the other side.

  • 10 Youngsters prefer text to calls

    According to a news article published on CNN youngsters who text very often usually prefer texts to calls compared to older people who don't text that often.

  • 11 Not wanting to pressure the reciever

    Many people send text messages so that they allow the receiver to respond whenever he has time instead of forcing them to respond fast.