Why do some people shoplift

  • 1 Suffering from depression

    It is reported that a large number of people shoplift due to depression and their desire to make themselves feel better on certain occasions such as birthdays.

  • 2 Due to anger

    It has been reported that some people shoplift due to feeling angry or frustrated. In this case, shoplifting is an emotional outlet. 

  • 3 Inability to cope with their problems

    Some people may shoplift due to their inability to find a solution for their emotional problems. In this case, shoplifting soothes them and provides a temporary relief. 

  • 4 Suffering from a psychological disorder

    Some people suffer from a mental health disorder that makes them steal even if they don't need the thing they are stealing. This is called kleptomania, which is an impulse control disorder.

  • 5 They get an adrenaline rush

    Some people shoplift to experience a temporary adrenaline rush as a result of sneaking around and hiding from shop owners. 

  • 6 Peer pressure

    Some teenagers or young adults shoplift as a result of being surrounded by friends who encourage this kind of behavior. In this case, a person might steal in order to fit in. 

  • 7 Lack of money

    In some cases, some people shoplift as a result of not having money to buy basic needs such as food and drinks. 

  • 8 Defying authority

    Some teenagers or young kids might shoplift when their parents refuse to buy them something they asked for. In this case, they defy their parents' authority and get what they want.  

  • 9 Drug addiction

    Drug addicts may shoplift in order to sell the things they steal to get money to buy more drugs. 

  • 10 Lack of security

    Some people are tempted to shoplift due to lack of security and surveillance.