Why do some people sleep with a blanket in summer

  • 1 It makes them feel protected

    Some people sleep with a blanket even in hot weather because it makes them feel protected against anything that might touch them while they're asleep.

  • 2 They're used to it

    Some people were conditioned ever since they were children to sleep with a blanket. This habit could stay with them even in their adulthood. 

  • 3 The body temperature drops

    The body temperature drops at night while a person is sleeping, which makes some people feel cold and in need of a blanket. 

  • 4 It raises seratonin levels

    Studies have shown that sleeping with a blanket raises seratonin levels while a person is asleep, which makes a person feel calm and happy. 

  • 5 They sleep naked

    Some people sleep without any clothes on and use a cotton blanket to cover themselves at night for security. 

  • 6 To protect themselves from insects

    Some people cover themselves up with a blanket even in hot weather to protect themselves from any insects that might be there.