Why do some people sleepwalk

    Why do some people sleepwalk

  • 1 Sleep deprivation

    Sleep walking is more likely to happen when a person is sleep deprived since a person is more likely to remain asleep even though they are moving. See also how to have a good night sleep.

  • 2 Use of sedative agents

    A person who uses sedative agents is more likely to sleep walk, if they already have a tendency to do so. The sedative keeps a person asleep even though they are doing complex functions such as walking.

  • 3 Physical immaturity

    Sleep walking is more common among children who are between 3 and 7 years old. Because the physical control parts in the brain are still being developed in children, they might fail to prevent themselves from walking while sleeping.

  • 4 Sleep apnea

    Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where breathing is interrupted during sleep, makes sleep walking more likely to happen. See also why some people cover their face by a blanket when they sleep.

  • 5 It runs in families

    Sleep walking has a genetic predisposition. Sleep walking often runs in families. See why using a mobile phone before sleeping is bad.

  • 6 Excessive stress or worry

    It was found that people who are already prone to sleep walking are more likely to do it during times of excessive stress and worrying.

  • 7 Alcohol consumption

    If a person has a tendency to sleep walk then alcohol might increase the likeliness of sleep walking.

  • 8 The brain doesn't inhibit movement

    During normal sleep, the brain uses the chemical messenger GABA to suppress motor function. People who sleepwalk have brains that fail to suppress motor functions while they are asleep.

  • 9 Restless Leg Syndrome

    A connection was found between having Restless Leg Syndrome and sleep walking.

  • 10 Antidepressants increase the likelihood of sleepwalking

    Antidepressants increase the likelihood of sleepwalking. A person must already have a tendency to sleepwalk for it to happen.

  • 11 It can be caused by illness

    Sleep walking can also be caused by illness or fevers.

  • 12 Depression can lead to sleepwalking

    It's believed that depression can lead to sleep walking. However, a person must have the tendency of sleepwalking for that to happen.

  • 13 Head injuries

    Certain types of head injuries can lead to sleepwalking.

  • 14 Narcolepsy

    Narcolepsy is a rare neurological condition that affects the brain's ability to regulate the normal sleep-wake cycle. Narcolepsy can lead to sleep walking. See also how sleep affects your health.

  • 15 Gastroesophageal reflux disease

    GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a disease that affects the digestive system. It can lead to sleep walking.