Why do some people take so many pictures

  • 1 They are social media addicts

    Some people take so many pictures because they are social media addicts. Those people take pictures in order to post them online.

  • 2 They are not photogenic

    People who are not photogenic might take so many pictures until one picture looks good. Those people usually take a large number of pictures then filter out the ones that do not look good. See why do I look bad in photos.

  • 3 They are narcissists

    Narcissists might take so many pictures especially if they are in love with their looks. Narcissists might take many pictures in order to post them online and keep getting likes for those pictures. See how to tell if someone is a narcissist.

  • 4 They have low self-esteem

    People with low self-esteem might always feel like getting validation from others. One form of validation could be taking pictures and posting them online for others to like them.

  • 5 To remember good moments

    Some people like to take pictures to remember good moments. Those people might take pictures and collect them just to be able to look at them later. See why do women do duck faces in pictures.

  • 6 To share good moments with others

    Many people take pictures of good moments so that they can share those moments with others later on by showing them those pictures they took.

  • 7 Because it's very easy

    The fact that almost all mobile phones now have cameras makes it very easy for people to take pictures any time. The rise of smartphones boosted the picture taking habits of people.

  • 8 They are attention seekers

    Attention seekers might be more active on social media than other people. Those people might also take so many pictures in order to post them online and get some attention. See why some people are attention seekers.

  • 9 To feel attractive

    Some people, who don't feel that attractive, might take photos and post them in order to get positive comments about their looks and so feel better about themselves.

  • 10 They are showy

    Showy people usually take lots of pictures in order to show off the good moments of their lives to others. A showy person will always need to take new pictures in order to show them to others.

  • 11 They like photography

    Some people like photography and so they might keep taking many pictures of the different things they come across.