Why do some people talk so much

    Why do some people talk so much

  • 1 People with Asperger's-type disorders

    People with Asperger's-type disorders are more likely to talk more.

  • 2 Extroverts like to talk

    Extroverts get their energy by connecting and socializing with people. Extroverts enjoy talking and they speak much more than introverts.

  • 3 Narcissists talk a lot

    Narcissists believe that whatever they are going to say is more important than what others are going to say and that's why they talk much. Narcissists also like to talk about themselves to show people how great they are.

  • 4 They want approval

    A person can speak too much if he wants the approval of others. By constantly trying to please others with his words, that person can reach the goal of getting others' approval.

  • 5 They have low tolerance

    People who have low emotional tolerance feel easily annoyed. The fact that those people easily get provoked lets them talk about their feelings more often than others.

  • 6 They have important needs

    A person who has an important need might keep talking until it's satisfied. This is very common with people who stop others to ask about something and keep talking until they get their answer.

  • 7 Visual people talk faster and talk more

    According to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), some people belong to the visual type. Visual people see images in their brain while they think and so they talk more as they try to describe what they see to others.

  • 8 Feeling anxious around others

    If a person feels anxious around a stranger, he might keep talking to ease the anxiety and break the ice.

  • 9 They are lonely

    Lonely people usually talk more than others as soon as they find someone to talk to. Because those people have been carrying a lot of things inside them, they keep talking as soon as they find someone to listen.

  • 10 Not worrying much about the opinion of others

    Some people speak too much because they don't care much about the opinion of others. Because those people don't really care about being judged for what they say, they talk much.

  • 11 Arrogant people might speak more

    Arrogant people might speak more as a result of believing that what they say is always extremely important.

  • 12 Poor social skills

    A person who can't tell when others are bored or when they aren't listening is more likely to speak more. A person can be talking too much simply because he can't see the signals telling him that he should stop.

  • 13 They are self-centered

    Self-centered people might talk more than others. Those people don't really care about knowing the problems of others and so they prefer talking about their own issues.

  • 14 They have problems listening to others

    Some people talk too much because they have problems listening. Impatient people or those who don't tolerate waiting usually interrupt others in order to talk.

  • 15 Want to run away from their feelings

    Some people talk much because they don't want to focus on their emotions. By talking too much, those people can escape from their current feelings and focus on something else.

  • 16 They like to get attention

    Attention seekers usually talk more than ordinary people. Those people like to get others' attention and they sometimes use words or stories to do so.