Why do some people think that the sitcom Seinfeld is better than Friends?

  • 1 The writing is better

    The show was able to shock the audience's expectations of the storylines of the characters without having to come up with irritating events.  

  • 2 It expressed perfect ideas

    Although the show was known as 'The show about nothing', Seinfeld managed to compose some great ideas that can be summarized in a few words like 'soup Nazi', 'master of your domain' and 'a scratch and not a pick'. 

  • 3 It's realistic

    Many people think that Seinfeld's storylines are a lot more realistic than Friends', and that the characters in the show were more appealing.   

  • 4 The characters were better

    Although Friends' characters were built perfectly by the creators of the show, people thought that Seinfeld's characters were much stronger and a lot more mature.   

  • 5 It had smart catchy phrases

    Seinfeld, Larry David and other writers were able to come up with terms that everyone in America understood, but couldn't describe, like 'close talker', for instance.

  • 6 Friends was inspired by Seinfeld

    Friends was supposed to be named 'Insomnia Cafe' (the one in Seinfeld). In addition, George's alias, Art Vandelay, is just like Phoebe’s Regina Phelange; both characters were used multiple times in the shows.  

  • 7 It gave the audience something new

    There were many sitcoms at the time when Seinfeld came out; however, Seinfeld was more appealing to the audience for its refreshing, cynical and unapologetic tone. 

  • 8 The questionable morals in Seinfeld

    Seinfeld ignores the ideas of perfect families or deep relationships, but instead it discusses people's questionable morals and turns them into something absurd.  

  • 9 Seinfeld's characters are deeply flawed

    Seinfeld's characters are an exaggerated version of flaws that everyone would be ashamed to admit, unlike Friends which had kind and selfless kinds of friends.  

  • 10 It's consistent

    Karmer always wore his same old jacket, same old jeans and same old shirt. George also wore the same glasses and Elaine always wore her 70's clothes.