Why do some people use addictive Drugs

    Why do some people use addictive Drugs

  • 1 The chemicals they provide

    The chemicals many drugs provide can put the brain in a pleasurable state. As a result, a person can become addicted to that drug to keep getting that chemical.

  • 2 Brain changes

    As the person keeps getting a certain chemical, his brain becomes less sensitive to the drug. Those changes in the brain motivate the person to take a higher dose of the same drug in order to feel good.

  • 3 To fit in

    Many people develop drug addiction as result of their desire to fit in or get accepted by their friends who were on drugs as well. See the effect of peer pressure.

  • 4 To escape bad moods

    Many people develop drug addiction as a result of their desire to escape their bad moods and unsolved problems. When these people get high they temporary forget about their wrecked moods.

  • 5 To prove oneself manly

    In many cases, the desire to be more masculine can force people to take serious risks just to appear more brave and courageous. 

  • 6 To run away from responsibility

    In many cases, a person might try a drug in order to run away from responsibility or a problem that he can't handle.

  • 7 Low coping skills

    A person who doesn't have enough coping skills to face life problems and emotional setbacks can find no better option to feel good but to use drugs.

  • 8 Out of curiosity

    Curiosity is a powerful emotion that can motivate many people to try new drugs. Once a person tries a drug there is a certain chance of becoming addicted to it, depending on many factors.

  • 9 Serious emotional problems

    People who suffer from serious emotional problems or psychological disorders, and who don't get the proper help, might start using drugs to regulate their moods.

  • 10 To act like a grown up

    Many teens use drugs in order to seem more like grown ups. These teens believe that this risky behavior may make them seem older. See psychological reasons why people smoke cigarettes.

  • 11 To rebel

    Many people , including teens and grown ups, use drugs in order to rebel against their family, their spouses or even against life.