Why do some posts go viral on the internet

    Why do some posts go viral on the internet

  • 1 They are shocking

    Posts that are shocking or unusual and cause significant emotional changes are more likely to go viral than ordinary posts (See why bizarre things get popular fast).

  • 2 They are emotionally arousing

    Emotionally charged content encourages people to share and pass the message. The more emotionally arousing a piece of content is the more likely it will go viral.

  • 3 It's novel

    The human brain ignores repetitive patterns. When something novel appears the brain feels compelled to check it out and as a result it might go viral.

  • 4 It sparks curiosity

    When a person fails to understand something fully or when he gets curious about something he is much more likely to check it out. This is why strange pictures and blog post titles that spark curiosity are more likely to be shared.

  • 5 Cuteness goes viral

    Cuteness is one of the elements that assists in making posts go viral. The Nyan cat video is a perfect example of a video that was aided by the cuteness of the cat character displayed in it.

  • 6 Results in 'What the hell' moment

    When a post is so provoking that it results in 'What the hell' moment then it's very likely to get shared.

  • 7 It targets a core human need

    Pieces of content that target core human needs such as the desire to return back to the beautiful past (nostalgia) have a better chance of going viral.

  • 8 Related to a trending topic

    Posts that are related to trending topics such as popular series, elections, champions league...etc have a better chance of going viral.

  • 9 Related to a recent important event

    So many posts about Paul walker went viral hours after he died. When a post is related to a recent important event it can easily go viral.

  • 10 Help people release frustration

    If an unwanted presidential candidate said something that most people dislike, then posts that put him down or make fun of him are likely to go viral because they help people release some of their frustration and anger.

  • 11 They defend people's opinion

    Posts that defend the opinion of a group of people can easily go viral. For example, a post about racism against black people or one about discrimination against women will usually be embraced by the respective group.

  • 12 They have a picture of cat

    Cats are believed to give posts a viral edge. They are cute, unpredictable, fun and very expressive.

  • 13 They grab attention

    Posts that are Bizarre, odd, hot, strange, unusual or even disgusting usually grab attention. Attention grabbing is more than 50% of achieving viral results.