Why do some successful people commit suicide

    Why do some successful people commit suicide

  • 1 The equation of happiness differs from a person to another

    Each person has certain unique unmet needs. Those unmet needs determine the things that will make that person happy. In order for a person to be very happy he must satisfy most of his important unmet needs. What makes a certain person happy won't necessary make the other happy.

  • 2 A successful person can have a very important unmet need

    A person might seem successful to others because he has money and fame but if that person had more important needs than money and fame then both won't be able to make him happy. When an important unmet need is not satisfied a person can get depressed even if he was rich and famous.

  • 3 They Went after the wrong needs

    If a person had certain needs such as the need to be loved or the need to get more attention but he only went after money then he might end up feeling depressed. Money can only make a person happy if one of his important unmet needs was becoming rich or financially secure.

  • 4 They are Unable to figure out the important needs

    People who fail to figure out their important needs in life usually end up dissatisfied with their lives. A person who doesn't understand his needs is equivalent to the person who can't satisfy them. No matter how rich a person is not being able to understand his own needs can cause depression.

  • 5 They are unable to solve important life problems with their current resources

    People can have very important problems that they can't solve with money. If a person failed to solve a very important problem with his current resources then he might become depressed no mater how successful he was.

  • 6 They are comparing themselves to others

    Some people have the need of being the best among their friends, work mates or in the world. Those people can become very successful yet still feel unhappy because they still don't consider themselves the best. For those people being the best is among their important needs (See jealousy explained).

  • 7 They See life from a different angle

    People who commit suicide usually believe that they are helpless and miserable. Because each person sees the world from his own unique angle, the angle a person sees the world from can result in intense dissatisfaction even if that person was considered very successful by others.

  • 8 They suffer from a pain no body can notice

    A person can seem successful and happy to others yet he might be experiencing continues pain because of reasons that are too subtle to be noticed by the ones who aren't close to him. A millionaire for example can feel like a loser because he can't be a multimillionaire.