Why women cry more than men

  • 1 They are emotional

    Some women are more emotional than others, which means they easily get affected and are more likely to cry than others. 

  • 2 Due to their hormonal behavior

    Women's hormonal behavior differs from men and makes them more prone to crying. 

  • 3 They are PMSing

    One of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome is crying easily and being over-emotional. However, this differs from one woman to another. 

  • 4 They are under stress

    Some people, especially women, react to being over-stressed by shedding some tears, as it helps in relaxing and getting the load off their back.

  • 5 They're not restrained by society

    Women have the freedom to cry, especially in public, as society does not restrain them as it does with men. Men are taught not to cry to appear masculine and tough.

  • 6 They like the attention

    Some women find that crying brings them more attention, which pushes them to cry in certain situations. 

  • 7 They can't control their emotions

    Some women cannot control their emotions and end up crying even if they don't want to. Men are usually more in control of their emotional outbursts and rarely cry as a result. See Why some people don't cry

  • 8 To take advantage of a situation

    Some women find that crying will make them reach a certain goal or take advantage of a certain situation, which some people refer to as emotional blackmail.

  • 9 They are insecure

    Some women's insecurity leads them to crying more often than others. 

  • 10 They care too much

    Some women care too much about things such as relationships, friendships and personal connections in general, which makes them more emotional than others. Many men, on the other hand, are known for being care-free and nonchalant. 

  • 11 It's a biological trait

    Women are said to be biologically more prone to crying than men, according to studies, as testosterone limits crying. 

  • 12 It's an emotional outlet

    Many women regard crying as an emotional outlet, whereas men find other ways to let out their emotions such as doing physical activities.