Why do Spammers Spam

    Why do Spammers Spam

  • 1 Desperation

    A person might spam other websites because he can't find other acceptable ways to reach his goals.

  • 2 To get traffic

    Many spammers spam emails or websites to get traffic for their sites.

  • 3 To make money

    Many spammers spam others hoping to make money through sales or by just having people click on the ads on the pages they direct them to.

  • 4 They get results

    According to a statistic, $100 to $200 get lost to scammers each year. The fact that some people fall prey to spammers and scammers motivate them to keep going. See why some people fall victim to scams.

  • 5 To get revenge

    Some people spam others to get revenge. The spammer in such a case can do such an activity because he wants to inflict harm on a certain person.

  • 6 Jealousy

    Jealousy can motivate some people to become spammers. Some spammers spam successful sites because they are jealous of their success.

  • 7 It's the shorter path

    Some people prefer to spam than work hard to build traffic or gain recognition. 

  • 8 To have fun

    Some spammers spam websites and forums in order to do a prank and have fun. These types of spammers usually don't keep spamming the sites but they do it once or twice for fun.

  • 9 For personal benefits

    Some spammers spam to get votes, clicks or to boost certain counters that provide them with either direct or indirect benefits.

  • 10 Different ethical views

    Some spammers don't think they are doing anything wrong. The fact that some spammers have different ethical views when it comes to respecting the rights of others motivates them to become spammers.

  • 11 Helplessness

    A person who tried every possible method to make money, succeeded or got traffic but failed could become a spammer in order to end his helplessness. See on site spam Google ranking signals.