Why do we become nostalgic

    Why do we become nostalgic

  • 1 When the present life becomes unpleasent

    When a person goes through some misfortunes or when his life becomes unhappy he is very likely to remember the past moments where he was happier. Nostalgia can happen more as life dissatisfaction deceases.

  • 2 The subconscious mind uses nostalgia to motivate people

    Nostalgia can be a method the subconscious mind uses to motivate a person to improve his life and make it as good as his past.

  • 3 Distorted memories

    Studies have shown that the memories people recall can easily become distorted. A person can idolize his past and strongly believe that it was really good when it actually wasn't. Those distorted memories can increase nostalgia.

  • 4 A defense mechanism to feel better

    The mind can use nostalgia to help a person feel a bit better. By allowing that person to recall past pleasant memories this person can experience a fast mood improvement.

  • 5 Yearning for less responsibilites

    People who suffer from the many responsibilities they carry are more likely to get nostalgic. By remembering the times where they had very few or almost no responsibilities those people usually feel better.

  • 6 Increased abundance lowers enjoyment

    The increased supply of products over the past years made the products less joyful than they originally were. The first time a person connected to the internet during the dial up modem era felt much better than the feel the same person gets when he checks the always available internet.

  • 7 Coming across certain triggers

    A certain trigger such as seeing something from the past can get a person into a nostalgic mood. This is a normal reaction that happens to many people and doesn't necessary have to mean that anything is wrong.

  • 8 To escape from present emotions

    A person can feel nostalgic to escape from his current unpleasant emotions. As the person gets absorbed in his good past memories he becomes less sensitive to his current unpleasant emotions (Why do we have emotions).

  • 9 To get reassurance

    People can get nostalgic to get reassurance when they start losing faith in themselves. By recalling times when they were strong, confident or brave those people can feel better.

  • 10 Missing a family member or a close person

    When someone loses a close person he might get nostalgic whenever he remembers him. Depending on the important of that person the intensity of nostalgia is determined.

  • 11 Nostalgia reduces boredom

    People usually get nostalgic when they feel lonely. It's believed that nostalgia can help a person fight loneliness by remembering the happy moments he has been through in the past with his friends or relatives.

  • 12 The Cold makes people nostalgic

    A study has shown that people are more likely to feel nostalgic when they get cold. The study found that nostalgia raises body temperature and helps people feel warmer.