Why do we feel angry when we wake up

    Why do we feel angry when we wake up

  • 1 Failing to wake up early

    Sometimes people wake up feeling angry as a result of discovering that they missed their normal waking up time.

  • 2 Having a busy day

    If a person woke up late while knowing that he has many tasks to do on that day then his frustration might turn into anger.

  • 3 Not sleeping Well

    If a person didn't Sleep well on a certain day then his lack of sleep might lead to irritation. This irritation can turn into anger.

  • 4 Having a certain dream

    A person can have a dream that makes him feel angry then in the morning he might forget the dream and only experience the emotion of anger. See why do we have dreams at night.

  • 5 Sleeping while feeling angry

    A person can retain his anger in some cases and wake up feeling angry if he slept feeling angry at night.

  • 6 Awakening in an unnatural way

    If a person woke up because of an unnatural way , such as noise for example, then he might wake up feeling angry.

  • 7 Missing an appointment

    If a person woke up and realized that he missed an appointment he might get angry at himself because of over sleeping.

  • 8 Hating their job

    A person who hates his job might wake up feeling angry for having to go to the same Job everyday.

  • 9 The process of waking up takes time

    According to Psychologists a person needs sometime in order to fully wake up. If something irritating happened before a person fully awakens then this person might get angry very easily. See also why some people cover their faces by a blanket during sleep.

  • 10 They are Type A personalities

    Type A personalities usually experience a lot of stress as soon as they wake up because of realizing that there are so many things that they have to do on that new day.

  • 11 Returning back to routine

    After a vacation or a weekend a person can feel angry when he returns back to his work or his daily routine.

  • 12 Higher testostreone

    Males have higher levels of testosterone in the morning than the night. The difference can reach up to 30%. This can result in an unexplained anger.