Why do we feel depressed after vacations

    Why do we feel depressed after vacations

  • 1 Post-Holiday Adjustment Disorder (HOAD)

    According to studies, after a period of intense pleasure on a certain vacation, many people suffer from HOAD syndrome. According to a recent survey, around 56% of young professionals and the middle-aged feel this way when returning from a holiday or mini-break.

  • 2 Boring lifestyle

    People tend to spend their vacation doing interesting activities. Comparing the vacation time to their normal daily time, many people would suffer from depression upon getting back to their daily routine. See Top ways to approach boring.

  • 3 Length of vacation

    According to Wikipedia, the longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post-vacation blues may be. People find it hard to let go of any pleasurable experience.

  • 4 Sense of freedom

    Holidays give people a sense of freedom and a break from the repeated daily routine. Getting back to the normal lifestyle makes people depressed for weeks or even months, according to Corinne Usher, a clinical psychologist.

  • 5 Delayed tasks

    The pressure of delayed tasks after resuming regular life could make people depressed and unhappy. People find it difficult to readjust and balance their lives back, thus they feel depressed. 

  • 6 Some people are nostalgic

    Some people are nostalgic and highly obsessed with idealizing the past. Such people take recalling good memories as a habit and find it difficult to indulge quickly in their normal life. See Why do people idealize the past?  

  • 7 Focusing on the negative

    After a vacation, some people tend to spot the negative aspects and flaws in their lives. Those people tend to make unrealistic lists of life changes in order to get in a better mood. Focusing on the negative makes people unsatisfied with their life and could lead to depression. 

  • 8 Travel addiction

    The difference between a travel fanatic and a travel addict is determined according to how people feel after getting home. Travel addicts feel highly disappointed and almost lose interest in their normal life. Those people consider traveling as their main life purpose.  

  • 9 Romantic connections

    People who establish romantic connections and intimate relationships during their travels or vacations find it hard to let go of the experience. While traveling, it is very easy to meet other people who are just as open and excited about the world as you are. Thus, you feel depressed leaving them.

  • 10 Good company

    Traveling with friends or beloved relatives could be more fun than traveling with less important people. Connecting with people you love for a period of time increases the level of attachment. Getting back to normal life, people may face some blues due to leaving friends and other companions.

  • 11 Inability to make a change

    People who travel or enjoy a pleasurable break always feel high levels of positivity. Being unable to recreate life and bring up learnt experiences into the real, normal world could cause people to feel down. Experts advise integrating new experiences into the existing routine.