Why do we feel disgust

    Why do we feel disgust

  • 1 A defense mechanism to keep us away from rotten food

    Disgust is a defense mechanism in the brain to protect people from eating rotten food or food that might be harmful to them. This is why the odor of bad food usually triggers disgust.

  • 2 A defense mechanism to keep us away from diseases

    Disgust is a defense mechanism that helps keep humans safe by preventing them from coming in contact with a person who shows clear signs of illness. The belief that the disease is infectious results in the feelings of disgust.

  • 3 A response to certain cultural beliefs

    The disgust response in humans is highly plastic and seems to be affected by culture. In one country, a certain food might be considered disgusting, while in another country the same food might be considered normal (See why people find insects disgusting).

  • 4 A way the mind uses to keep some people away

    The mind can use disgust to keep certain people away and so achieve some of its important unconscious goals. If a person doesn't want to be around someone, feelings of disgust might develop towards that person.

  • 5 Fear of death

    Disgust in some cases is just a manifestation of fear of death where a person who is too afraid to die might get disgusted from whatever can make him ill or sick.

  • 6 Disgust and phobias are connected

    Disgust can be one side of fear. A person who fears spiders might get disgusted by their sight. In such a case, the mind of the person wants to achieve the goal of keeping him away from the things he fears.

  • 7 Disgust can be a form of shame

    Disgust can be one form of shame. Some people report feeling disgusted of themselves after doing certain actions or undergoing some bodily changes. If a person believes that being obese is a disgusting thing, he might get ashamed of himself and so experiences disgust.

  • 8 Disgust is connected to moral judgement

    Studies have found that disgust is connected to moral judgement. The studies have found that people find immoral things disgusting. According to those studies, disgust can be the mind's way of reminding a person of his moral values.

  • 9 To escape from commitment

    The mind might use disgust to force the person to move away from a relationship that is scaring him or making him unhappy. A person can get disgusted of his relationship partner because his mind wants to move them apart.

  • 10 A reminder to take care of your health

    Disgust can be a reminder from the mind for a person to take care of his health. A person who doesn't brush his teeth might get disgusted if he sees a person with obvious gum diseases. In such a case, the mind wants the person to wash his teeth.

  • 11 Mirror neurons cause disgust

    Mirror neurons, the brain cells responsible for putting ourselves in the shoes of others, can result in disgust. As a person imagines himself having the same disgusting diseases another person suffers from, he might get disgusted.

  • 12 A part of the mind doesn't approve of the action

    If a person does something that a part of his mind considers immoral or unethical, he might experience conflicting feelings resulting from disgust.