Why do we have a deep voice in the morning

    Why do we have a deep voice in the morning

  • 1 Tissues collect fluid

    During sleep the tissues of the throat collect fluid, and as a result a person's voice might be deeper in the morning.

  • 2 Mucus build up

    As a result of not using the vocal chords during the night, mucus builds up and so the voice seems deeper than usual. See how to have a deep voice.

  • 3 Breathing through the mouth

    People who breath through their mouth dry their vocal chords quickly. The lack of lubrication could result in that deep voice.

  • 4 Acid reflux

    Acid reflux, or the process of stomach acid moving up during the night, can affect the voice and make it seem deeper in the morning.

  • 5 Late night meal

    Eating a heavy meal right before sleep can also contribute to having a deeper voice in the morning.

  • 6 High levels of testosterone

    In the morning Testosterone levels are usually 25-30% higher than in the night. This could contribute to a deeper voice in the morning. See how Testosterone levels vary throughout the day.

  • 7 Relaxed vocal chords

    When a person wakes up, his vocal chords are usually relaxed as the rest of his body. This can result in a deep voice.

  • 8 Thicker vocal chords

    The vocal chords are usually thicker in the morning and vibrate at a lower rate. This makes the voice sound deeper and lower.