Why do we like to talk like babies

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  • 1 We love someone

    According to experts when we love someone we are more likely to use baby talk. This kind of talk makes us feel good since it makes us feel loved and secure.

  • 2 We feel safe

    A person only uses baby talk if they felt safe and secure around someone. This is why a person might use baby talk with their very close friends or loved ones.

  • 3 To feel wanted

    According to psychologists the childhood is the time were we feel loved unconditionally. People might thus use baby talk to experience the same unconditional love they experienced during childhood. This is one reasons why couples use baby talk.

  • 4 They had a bad childhood

    If a person didn't feel loved that much during their childhood then they might use baby talk in their relationship very often. In such a case the behavior is an attempt to live the feelings they were deprived from as children. 

  • 5 To feel secure

    People can talk like babies to temporary escape from their adult roles and all of the responsibilities that come with those roles.

  • 6 Because it is funny

    Some people like baby talk because they consider it funny. in such a case those people use baby talk to make their partners, friends or loved ones laugh.

  • 7 We find them cute

    People are more likely to use baby talk when they see a cute thing or a cute person. A cute thing , be it a dog for example, reminds people of babies since they are cute and so motivates them to use baby talk.

  • 8 Fear of abandonment

    Women with daddy issues might use baby talk whenever they fear abandonment. In such a case their old childhood wound connected to not being loved by their fathers motivate them to seek the same love from their husbands.

  • 9 To avoid sex

    If women use baby talk whenever they are about to have sex then this could be a sign that they were abused as children and that they revert to that state to avoid the sexual experience.

  • 10 It appeals to babies

    According to psychologists babies find baby talk more appealing than normal talk. People could thus have been conditioned to use baby talk when talking to babies because they had good response with it.

  • 11 It releases love chemicals

    According to psychologists baby talk can release love and attachment chemicals such as oxytocin and phenylethylamine since it reminds us of our relationship with other mothers.