Why do we speak different languages

    Why do we speak different languages

  • 1 The debate is still going on

    Up to this point, the origin of languages is still a subject of debate, and no party managed yet to rule out a single reason for the development of different languages that is widely accepted.

  • 2 Small groups of people needed names for their tools and resources

    According to one theory, the groups of people living in isolation needed words to name their own tools and to be able to organize the resources among them. As each group came up with their own vocabulary, languages developed.

  • 3 The Biblical account

    According to the Book of Genesis, God punished people by letting them speak different languages to prevent them from working together, and to let them scatter in earth after they tried to collaborate to built a tower that glorifies their own achievements instead of God's orders.

  • 4 New words were created in different societies due to certain situations

    Some words arise when a certain situation happens. Because each isolated tribe had been through different situations, different terms could have been invented to describe those situations.

  • 5 New words arise with new needs

    As the needs of people change, new words arise to describe those needs. The fact that slang language in most countries keeps changing every now and then shows that as time passes, the need for new words arise, and so language can be changed over time.

  • 6 Some words are culture related

    Some words are sometimes developed to describe something that is related to a certain culture. Because ancient tribes weren't as connected to each other as humans in our modern days, new words appeared in each culture.

  • 7 The 'mother tongues' hypothesis

    According to Wikipedia, W. Tecumseh Fitch suggested that the convergence of genetic interests between relatives — might be part of the answer. Fitch suggests that languages were originally developed by mothers to communicate with their offspring then later extended to other family members.

  • 8 The gossip and grooming hypothesis

    According to Wikipedia, Robin Dunbar suggests that language was developed to keep connections between friends and allies. He suggests that language does for group-living humans what manual grooming does for other primates. This could have led to the development of different languages.

  • 9 People weren't connected well together

    Some people assume that each group of people developed their own language because there was no way of communicating well with neighboring societies or tribes because of the lack of technology. This theory is supported by the fact that English became more popular as the internet evolved.

  • 10 When empires break down, each country develops its own variation of the language

    The Roman Empire spoke Latin, but when it was broken down into several countries, each country developed its own variation of the original language they used to speak.

  • 11 Different proverbs arise based on culture

    As each community developed it's own culture, different proverbs were developed among them. To an outsider who belongs to a different community, the proverb might not be understood easily.

  • 12 People lived in different environments

    Different words could have been developed by different communities, as they lived in different environments. A community that lives near forests might have different words than a community that lives in mountains.

  • 13 Language changed because of psychological needs

    In another theory, it's stated that new words arise because of the different psychological needs of certain communities. A community that needs to be more efficient, because of being pressured, might develop a different language than a laid back community that has plenty of resources.