Why do websites ask if you are a robot

    Why do websites ask if you are a robot

  • 1 To prevent spam

    Spammers use automatic scripts and bots to spam websites and fill them with ads. The human verification some websites put helps the website recognize whether the visitor is a real person or a script. See why do spammers spam.

  • 2 To prevent automatic bots

    Many spammers have created automatic bots that scan for websites where they can inject their spammy material. Webmasters use human verification to prevent those bots from posting on their site.

  • 3 Your activity is suspicious

    If you made any activity online that aroused suspicion such as posting too often or posting so many posts then a website might present you with human verification to make sure you are a real person.

  • 4 They allow input of content

    Most of the websites that ask for human verification allow people to create content. Those sites have this type of verification to ensure that only humans can make inputs.

  • 5 To prevent password guessing

    Many hackers create bots that keep trying to log in to sites using different passwords until they find a working password. The robot detection mechanism prevents many of those attempts.

  • 6 You deleted the cookies

    After some websites realize that you are human they don't ask you again to verify that you are not a robot. If you deleted the cookies or if the site considered your session a new one then it might ask you again.

  • 7 You restarted your browser

    Some websites don't store the data verification information for long periods of time. If you restarted your browser, you might have to verify your identity again.