Why do women like Fifty Shades of Grey

    Why do women like Fifty Shades of Grey

  • 1 They admire the male character

    Many women are attracted to Christian Grey who possesses the qualities of masculinity and sensitivity at the same time. Since this is not very common among men, women tend to fantasize about having a partner like Grey.

  • 2 It revives old feelings

    Anastasia gets to experience her first love with Christian Grey, which makes readers relive the moments of their first love that was full of emotions and happiness. 

  • 3 They like the sexual scenes

    The book is full of sexual scenes and descriptions. Women find the foreplay particularly attracting since it keeps them glued to the book and almost experience the same build up of emotions. 

  • 4 They experience a rush of dopamine

    A psychologist says women like the book so much because they experience a rush of dopamine as they read about love and relationships.

  • 5 They like the erotica

    Many women enjoy the book because it mainly consists of sex scenes, which gives them pleasure. See also Why is 50 Shades of Grey so popular

  • 6 They identify with the main character

    Many women like Fifty Shades of the Grey because they identify with Anastasia who learns to relinquish control. 

  • 7 They are curious about BDSM

    Some women find the book appealing because they curious about BDSM and want to read more about it. Some accounts of women say that they read the book to help them decide if they should try this kind of erotic practices. 

  • 8 It lets them escape reality

    Some women find the book appealing as it allows them to escape their boring reality that consists of duties and responsibilities and sometimes not a spicy relationship.

  • 9 They like the unusual love story

    Many readers enjoyed the romantic storyline in the book that had an usual twist, which made it even more interesting. 

  • 10 They get to live out their fantasies

    Some women enjoy 50 Shades of Grey because it allows them to read about some fantasies related to sex that they may not be able to experience in real life.