Why do women like rich men

  • 1 To provide for the family & siblings

    According to psychologists, women get attracted to resourceful men in order to end up with someone who can provide for the family & siblings. See what do women find attractive in men.

  • 2 They want financial security

    Women who do not work or those who do not have stable incomes will be very likely get attracted to rich men. In such a case, the reason for this attraction is the need for financial security.

  • 3 To look after the children

    According to one survey, 69 percent of women said they would prefer to look after their children provided that the man is providing enough money for them not to work.

  • 4 They want a stable life

    Women want stable financial lives for themselves and their siblings. The rich man might thus be able to provide them with the financial stability they are looking for. See why women like men with beards.

  • 5 Biological attraction

    According to psychologists, most females find the resourceful male more attractive than the less resourceful male provided that everything else is similar. According to one study, women found the same man more attractive when he was driving a BMW.

  • 6 Some women prefer resources over looks

    According to studies, most women prefer resources over looks. Some women give the highest priority to looks, but the majority put looks below resources in the list. See also why women like taller men.

  • 7 Women are attracted to successful men

    Most women are attracted to successful men. Because money is a big sign of success, many women find rich men very attractive. See do women care about looks.