Why do women like shopping

  • 1 It's a stress relief for some

    Shopping for some women is a stress reliever that they go to when they are going through a stressful time. 

  • 2 They like to bargain

    Some women are good at bargaining and enjoy doing it, which is a necessary act while shopping. 

  • 3 They like following the latest fashion trends

    Women who are into fashion and like to be trendy will go shopping often. 

  • 4 They are addicted to it

    Some women are shopaholics; they can't stop doing it even though they might be buying things they don't need. 

  • 5 It helps them bond with their friends

    Some women think of shopping as a social activity that allows them to bond with their friends. 

  • 6 They like picking and matching clothes

    Some women have an eye for colors and styles. Shopping allows them to enjoy this, as they can pick and match clothes as they like.  

  • 7 Some of them are materialistic

    Some women are materialistic when it comes to buying. In this case, they might shop often for expensive items just because it costs a lot of money. 

  • 8 They like pampering themselves

    Some women like to pamper themselves and not deny themselves of anything they need, which is why they like going shopping often. 

  • 9 It lifts their mood

    For some people, shopping is a mood lifter. It helps some women feel good if they're having a hard time. 

  • 10 To show off

    Some women go shopping often and buy expensive items just to show the things off in front of other people. 

  • 11 It makes them feel good about their bodies

    Some women like going shopping for clothes because they get to pick out clothes that make their bodies look good. 

  • 12 It's a natural instinct

    Some people believe that women like shopping because back in the early years of civilization, women collected fruits, vegetables and nuts, while men went hunting. 

  • 13 They use it for mood regulation

    According to psychologists many women use shopping and food to regulate their moods and to feel better. In such a case the shopping addiction might be caused by the desire to feel better.