Why do women like strong men

  • 1 Women want protection

    According to psychologists, women are hard wired to look for a man who can protect them and protect their siblings. This makes women more likely to get attached to strong men. See what do women find attractive in men.

  • 2 They are more masculine

    Most women like men who display the common masculine values. Strength is considered a popular masculine value and this is why most women tend to prefer the strong man over the weak one.

  • 3 To feel safe

    According to psychologists, women like men who can make them feel safe and secure. A strong man can make a woman feel more safe and secure in her life. See also why women like tall men.

  • 4 To bring them the resources

    According to psychologists, strong men are more likely to be more capable of providing for the family. Strong men can compete for resources and then bring them to women. Most women prefer the type of man who can bring them the needed resources.

  • 5 They are more dominant

    According to psychologists, the typical woman prefers the dominant man over the less dominant one. Since strong men are more likely to be dominant, most women prefer strong men. See why some women like bald men.

  • 6 To feel more feminine

    When women are with strong men, they can feel more feminine. When a women gets into a relationship with a weak man, she might try to develop some masculine traits in order to compensate for that.

  • 7 They have high levels of testosterone

    Women are biologically attracted to men who have high levels of testosterone. Strong and dominant men usually have higher levels of testosterone than other men and this is why women find them attractive.

  • 8 They might be healither

    According to psychologists, women are biologically attracted to healthy men. Strong and muscular men usually appear more healthy and so women find them more attractive.

  • 9 They like their female role

    Women who like their female role are more likely to get attracted to men who display masculine values. Women who are not satisfied with their feminine role might get turned off by masculine men.