Why does imagining the audience naked help stage fright

  • 1 It makes you feel the audience is vulnerable

    Picturing the audience naked is supposed to make the speaker or performer less nervous because it makes them feel that the audience is as vulnerable as they are.

  • 2 To ease your nerves

    Imagining that the audience is naked is supposed to relieve the stress a person could be feeling before a big presentation or performance and make them feel less tense.

  • 3 To feel less intimidated

    If a person is presenting or performing in an important event, they might picture the audience or judges naked to feel less intimidated by them. 

  • 4 A distraction from fear

    Picturing the audience naked distracts the person from the fear they might be feeling when they get on stage or in front of an audience.

  • 5 It's a defense mechanism

    Picturing the audience naked is a defense mechanism against the fear a person could be feeling when in front of a big crowd.

  • 6 to add humor

    Picturing the audience naked can help lighten the mood of the person who is presenting and make them less afraid. 

  • 7 To overcome stage fright

    Overcoming stage fright needs practice and persistence. The trick of picturing the audience naked is one step towards overcoming the fear altogether not just for the moment.

  • 8 It's a famous trick

    This trick is rumored to have been originated from Winston Churchill who said he pictured the audience naked to overcome his fear of public speaking.