Why does it feel good to sing?

  • 1 It creates euphoria

    A study that was made in New Orleans said that singing in front of a crowd can create euphoria because it coordinates the thinking of the crowd with the signer’s and therefore both parties' mental process synchronizes.

  • 2 It reduces stress

    The connection of singing with happiness is more of a mental process than it is of a physical or biological one. Singing forces you to stay away from worries at home, working for money or stressing about something that troubles you. 

  • 3 It's spiritual

    Singing is connected to patterns of wave-energy, and according to many singers, singing makes people feel that they're connected to the universe. 

  • 4 It makes us feel good

    Singing creates a great sense of self admiration especially when it is in front of an audience that likes your songs.

  • 5 It teaches teamwork

    According to many researchers, singers who work with bands are usually more dedicated to their songs than any other individual singer. Working with bands for long periods of time make singers learn about teamwork.

  • 6 Creating tunes

    Song tuning gives a sense of power, something that any artist could understand. Creating the whole process of composing music and making your voice in harmony with it feels really good.

  • 7 It's like drugs

    A study that was made in the US indicates that the effect of singing on birds' brains is similar to the effects of drugs. This also applies to the human brain.

  • 8 It has a positive psychological effect

    Singing has a very positive psychological effect on the person. It makes the body produce a chemical called endorphin which is responsible for the 'good feelings'.

  • 9 It involves deep breathing

    Deep breathing is very essential for singers, as you can't come up with the right vocal tones unless you do a good breathing exercise. Deep breathing makes blood flow easily in your blood veins and thus makes your body feel better.

  • 10 It reduces anxiety

    A study that was published in 2008 showed that people who are members of a chorus tend to suffer less from depression and anxiety than the public even when facing horrible problems.