Why does my body get cold easily

    Why does my body get cold easily

  • 1 Women are more sensitive to cold

    Women are generally more sensitive to cold temperatures than men since estrogen can limit blood flow to extremities. 

  • 2 Hypothyroidism

    Hypothyroidism is a condition were a person's Thyroid gland isn't as active as it should be. In such a case the person can feel cold most of the time.

  • 3 Anemia

    Iron deficiency Anemia can result in poor blood circulation and in turn in feeling cold most of the time.

  • 4 Being underweight

    Being underweight can result in not having enough fats ,that act as a layer of protection from cold, and so a person can feel cold easily. See what happens to the body in cold weather.

  • 5 Not eating well

    Without enough supply of carbs the body might not find enough energy to help a person feel warm and as a result that person can feel cold easily.

  • 6 Poor blood circulation

    If a person has poor blood circulation , for any reason, then he might feel cold easily.

  • 7 Slow metabolism

    A fast metabolic rate can help a person feel warm. A slow metabolic rate can make a person feel cold.

  • 8 Diabetes

    According to WebMD diabetes can lead to a condition known as diabetic nephropathy which involves damage of the kidneys. One Symptom of diabetic nephropathy is feeling cold all the time. See also why you should drink more water.

  • 9 You are an Ectomorph

    People with the Ectomorh body type , slim limbs and thin bones, have very little fats. Those people can easily feel cold.

  • 10 Problems with the hypothalamus

    The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that controls many of the body functions including body temperature. Problems with hypothalamus can make a person feel cold.

  • 11 Blood vessel (vascular) problems

    Certain blood vessel problems can result in reduced flow of blood to the hands and feet and so a person can feel cold easily.