Why does our face shape change as we age

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    Why does our face shape change as we age

  • 1 Our eye sockets enlarge

    According to research the eye sockets enlarge as people age. This doesn't only result in changing how the eyes look but it also changes the look of the whole face.

  • 2 Facial bones lose volume

    As people age their facial bones lose volume . This change results in changing how their face and jaw looks like.

  • 3 The jaw shape changes

    According to research the angle of the lower jaw changes as people age. This results in the formation of frown lines in addition to a change in the shape of the face. See also what makes a female face attractive.

  • 4 The angle of the brow is reduced

    As people age the angle of their brows are reduced. This results in the formation of lines on the forehead in addition to changing their overall looks.

  • 5 Hormones changes

    As people grow older their hormonal levels change and as a result their facial features might change as well.

  • 6 Less collagen changes skin shape

    As people age the collagen levels in their skin drop and as a result they might develop wrinkles, lines and skin imperfections.

  • 7 The skin gets drier

    As the skin becomes more dry with age people are more likely to develop wrinkles and thus the shape of their faces change. See why we find symmetrical faces attractive.

  • 8 Lose of fat

    As people age they lose fat in their faces. This makes the skin looks like it is falling. People lose fats in different areas of the face as they age depending on their genes.

  • 9 Facial lines change people's looks

    Facial lines such as smile lines, crow feet, forehead lines and other lines completely change a person's looks and make them seem older. See what makes a man's face attractive.

  • 10 The nose shape changes

    As people age soft tissue support in the nose is reduced and so the nose tip stars dipping downward. The upper lip also retraces downward and this makes the nose dip down even more.

  • 11 Women grow facial hair

    As women age and lose hormones such as estrogen& testosterone their faces start to develop more facial hair and so they looks migh change.

  • 12 Ears seem to grow

    As we age and lose soft tissue the ears drop and thus seem to have grown in size. This can also change the face shape.

  • 13 Teeth becomes more prominent

    As we age the gum loses volume and so the teeth appears more prominent. The teeth can appear bigger and thus change the person's looks.

  • 14 The forehead grows

    As the person ages and loses hair their forehead seem to have grown bigger and this changes their face shape.