10 Reasons why facebook pages are useless

    10 Reasons why facebook pages are useless

  • 1 Only a small percentage of people see your posts

    If 100,000 people like your page, only around 2,000 of them (and sometimes less) see each post. Facebook uses an algorithm that reduces the number of people who see a certain posts in order to motivate you to pay for Facebook marketing.

  • 2 You pay twice for the same person to see the post

    In order to acquire some likes, you might find that you have to pay to promote your page. After acquiring those people you will also have to pay again in order to have them see your posts.

  • 3 It's extremely hard to keep fans engaged

    Facebook uses post engagement as one of the metrics to determine whether the post should be seen by a large number of people or not. Because it's usually hard to get initial engagement, it might be very hard for people to see your posts.

  • 4 Famous pages get more views

    A famous page usually gets more engagement and it's posts are pushed onto more people's news feeds. New pages that are just starting out usually get very little engagement, and as a result it is much harder fir them to promote or become popular.

  • 5 Facebook users hardly leave Facebook

    Facebook users usually prefer not to leave Facebook. This makes it very hard for marketers to get clicks on their links (See why Facebook is so addictive).

  • 6 Promoted posts are getting more and more expensive

    The mount of people you could have reached with 10 dollars can only now be reached with 100 dollars. As time passes Facebook ads get more and more expensive thus making it irrelevant for marketing.

  • 7 Facebook is full of distractions

    It's extremely hard for a person to notice your page or posts from within the hundreds of distractions available on Facebook. Most page posts are ignored by the majority of the people who see them (See why Facebook is so negative).

  • 8 Marketing posts is becoming extremely complex

    Yes, some people get good results from Facebook pages, but the process is becoming more and more complex each year. What ranked easily last year might not rank at all this year.

  • 9 A post must be shared by so many people in order to get good visibility

    One of the most important Factors determining the visibility of a post is the number of shares it gets. Because posts with attractive titles and shallow content usually get more shares it can sometimes be very hard to get enough shares to make a post popular.

  • 10 Most pages don't grow organically

    A page that has 100,000 fans might get 300 organic fans each week, unless it's extremely active. Most Facebook pages don't grow organically and require paid money to get more likes.