Why failure is important for success

    Why failure is important for success

  • 1 Failure provides feedback

    Failure provides feedback on what went wrong in the previous attempt, thus it enables a person to fix his mistakes, change his strategies and get closer to the method that works.

  • 2 Success rarely happens from the first attempt

    Success rarely happens from the first try. A person usually has to try more than once in order to find out what works. Failure can accelerate success by directing the person to the right way.

  • 3 Failure teaches lessons in a way that cannot be forgotten

    When a person fails because he has done a certain mistake, he will usually keep remembering that mistake and he will very likely avoid it in the next attempt.

  • 4 Failure gives a lot of experience

    A person who ties something gains a lot of experience about it even if it didn't work. The bystander or the one who never tries usually gets a very limited amount of experience.

  • 5 Failure increases the chances of success in the next attempt

    As a person fails he usually learns about many of the things he did wrong. In the next attempt, that person would have a higher chance of success if he avoids all of the mistakes he made.

  • 6 Testing the market from the inside

    Business failures can help a person test the market from the inside and see things he would have never seen by reading about them.

  • 7 Can provide a new opportunity

    During a failed attempt, a person might meet a new contact or accidentally discover a new market that helps him succeed later on in his next attempt.

  • 8 Prevents the person from getting stuck

    As a person gets used to failure he will become more immune to giving up or defeat. People who never failed before might be too afraid to make the first attempt and so might remain stuck.

  • 9 Mentally prepares a person for life's setbacks

    A person who succeeds from the first attempt might lose his confidence if he faces a setback. A person who failed more than once will usually be more resilient in the face of those setbacks, as he failed before but managed to continue.

  • 10 Failure encourages improvement

    A person who fails will usually try to find out what he has done wrong, and as a result, the door for improvement is opened. A person might learn new skills, read more books or change some of his personality traits after failure.

  • 11 Failure can reveal a person's weaknesses

    Failure can help a person know about his weaknesses and thus can allow him to improve them.

  • 12 Failure might help a person find his passion

    As a person keeps trying different things and failing, he might accidentally come across something he is passionate about.