Why fried food is bad for your health

    Why fried food is bad for your health

  • 1 It clogs arteries

    Fried food leads to clogged arteries, which results in major heart complications. See What happens to your body after one fatty meal

  • 2 It could lead to strokes

    Eating large amounts of fried food increases the person's risk of suffering from a stroke. 

  • 3 It could lead to heart failure

    A study showed that people who consumed fried food frequently and in large quantities were more likely to experience heart failure. See How junk food affects health

  • 4 It increases the risk of diabetes

    According to a study, regularly consuming fried food increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. 

  • 5 It increases the risk of cancer

    According to a study published in 'Prostate' in 2013, eating high amounts of fried food increases the risk of prostate cancer. 

  • 6 It leads to weight gain

    Consuming fried food frequently is linked to weight gain. A study published in 'Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases' in 2013 found that eating fried food more than 4 times a week increases the risk of obesity compared to eating them less than twice a week. See Why McDonald's is bad for your health

  • 7 It increases the risk of high-cholesterol

    Consuming fried food on a regular basis increases the risk of high blood cholesterol.

  • 8 It keeps you wanting more

    Fried food is especially known to keep you wanting more and never getting full, which increases the risk of many problems such as heart disease. 

  • 9 It causes acid reflux

    Deep fried food is likely to cause acid reflux, which is irritating and can cause problems when trying to fall asleep. 

  • 10 It can cause irritable bowel syndrome

    Fatty fried food can trigger irritable bowel syndrome, which is why people who suffer from it are advised to stay away from fried and fatty food. 

  • 11 It harms the kidneys

    A study showed that patients with kidney disease were more likely to die as a result of complications from fried food and the harmful substances it contains.

  • 12 It deprives your body from nutrients

    Deep frying destroys the minerals and vitamins that the food contains, which only makes it harmful for the body, as the body doesn't receive any nutrients from the fried food. 

  • 13 It weakens your immune system

    Consuming fried food on a regular basis can weaken your immune system on the long run and lead to autoimmune diseases. 

  • 14 It could lead to Alzheimer's

    A study suggests that there's a link between eating fried food and developing Alzheimer's due to the release of a harmful chemical during the heating and frying process. 

  • 15 It is bad for the liver

    Studies found that regularly consuming fatty fried food leads to a condition called 'fatty liver'.

  • 16 It can cause joint problems

    Fried food causes inflammation in the body, which in turn can cause joint problems.