Why gamers and critics like the multiplayer for Battlefield 1

    Why gamers and critics like the multiplayer for Battlefield 1

  • 1 It's realistic

    Battlefield 1 captures the realism of war. The bullets fly around as soon as you enter the battlefield and the environment shatters around you. Shooting from a distance is less accurate due to the gravity and physics system of the game. 

  • 2 It's very diverse

    The game is very diverse that the weather changes and storms hit out of nowhere during the multiplayer, causing the field of vision to decrease dramatically.

  • 3 The maps are great

    The Battlefield franchise has been known to provide great maps to the multiplayer.  Battlefield 1 has a collection of the best maps the series made, according to several fans.

  • 4 It captures the stress of war

    The intensity of the gameplay forces the gamer into the stress of war and the feeling of uncertainty. The game is very stressful in a way that makes it just more appealing. 

  • 5 It has several different modes

    Battlefield has six main multiplayer modes:

    * Conquest

    * Rush

    * Domination

    * Team Deathmatch

    * War Pigeons

    * Operations

  • 6 The weapons are powerful and unique

    Battlefield 1 has taken the weapons of World War I and put them as video game weapons. The weapons act very realistically; overheating and spreading when fired for a long time. However, they are also as powerful as one would expect.

  • 7 There are different classes

    Battlefield 1 has four main classes which are:

    * Assault

    * Medic

    * Support

    * Scout

    and then there are 3 elite classes which come during the game play

    * Sentry 

    * Flame Trooper

    * Tank Hunter

    and there are

    * Tanker

    * Pilots

    * Cavalry

  • 8 Leveling up isn't easy

    It takes time and effort to level up and progress while playing. You can level up your rank but you will have to level up the class you're using. You can't receive weapons, you'd have to buy them as well through the war bands you obtain which are the coins for the game.

  • 9 Team work helps in winning matches

    Team work is required to win a match in Battlefield 1. For example, in War Pigeons, players must protect the message bearer until he sends the message. A squad leader should point out the direction of the goal. The kill/death ratio doesn't matter that much in Battlefield 1.