Why gamers love Operations in Battlefield 1

    Why gamers love Operations in Battlefield 1

  • 1 The operations are real

    There are four operations in Battlefield that take place at real places with the real dates. The operations take two sides and the enemies battle accross the map to capture or defend their area.

  • 2 It moves across maps

    Once one team wins and the other team has no more reinforncement, the two teams move to another map where the battle continues.

  • 3 Operations are full of action

    Operations are full of action for any player and any squad member. Snipers find themselves enjoying the far ends of the maps, while medics and support take the mid-rane and the front lines have the assault.

  • 4 Operations have vehicles

    The grand-scale of the maps and the game-mode allows vehicles, tanks, planes and even horses to be available across the different locations of the map.

  • 5 There's a story behind each operation

    One of the best aspects of the operations is the narrative at the beginning of each operation; giving the online characters a life of their own.

  • 6 They take long

    Each operation can take about an hour; adding extra value to both the single player campaign and the online multiplayer of the critically acclaimed first person shooter, Battlefield 1.

  • 7 It's an all out war

    Operations in Battlefield 1 present all-out wars through a grand-scale battlefield.

  • 8 The scale is huge

    The scale of the operation games has 40 to 64 players, which is huge compared to the other game modes.