Why hair dryers are bad for you

    Why hair dryers are bad for you

  • 1 Loss of hair

    The constant use of hair dryers after shower can lead to loss of hair. Studies show that losing 50 to 100 hairs a day is normal; much more than that can lead to early baldness (See also why do some men go bald).

  • 2 Dry unhealthy hair

    Blow drying the hair immediately after shower heats up the moisture remaining in the scalp. As a result, all water and essential nourishment evaporate. For evaporation to take place, open spaces are created in the scalp causing damage and breakage.

  • 3 Damaging hair cuticle

    The extra heat and air pressure can cause damage to the hair cuticle. This damage can be temporary or permanent, depending on how many times the person blow dries their hair.

  • 4 Split ends

    Too much of blow drying damages the inner layers of the hair. The unprotected heat results in losing the hair's smooth texture, and leaving it with split ends.

  • 5 Losing natural lustre

    Blow drying the hair constantly makes the hair look dull, losing its natural shine after a while. The outer layer of the hair can also swell up leading to loss of proper shape of the hair (Read the reasons behind developing grey/white hair).

  • 6 Exposure to Electric Magnetic Field

    Hair dryers are used while plugged into electricity and being very close to the body, approximately 1.2 inches away. As a result, the hair dryer hits the body with up to 20,000 milligauss, which is much more than what is produced by a microwave (Read the health effects of microwave ovens).

  • 7 Earache or infection

    It is recommended to blow dry the hair from a distance of 18-30 inches away from the ear. The closer the heat is to the ear, the more the person is at risk for ear infection because of the pressure. However, this rarely happens.