Why homework is bad

    Why homework is bad

  • 1 It can stress the child

    According to a study, too much homework can stress younger children. This stress can cause a wide array of other problems such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss and stomach problems.

  • 2 It can cause anxiety

    Homework can cause a lot of anxiety since children might be afraid of not being able to complete them or of not getting the answers correctly. See why exams cause stress.

  • 3 They can cause a lot of frustration

    Excessive homework can make students feel frustrated. This frustration turns into anger, aggression or even depression depending on the child's ability to cope with it. 

  • 4 They can lower performance

    Too much homework can keep the child under constant stress or pressure, and as a result, their performance at school might get badly affected. 

  • 5 They can impair their normal lives

    Excessive Homework can prevent children from enjoying their hobbies, playing with their friends or exploring their passion since they can keep them busy all the time. See also why students cheat on exams.

  • 6 They lower academic peformance

    According to a group of Australian researchers, long homework can lower children's academic performance and even result in lower grades.

  • 7 It can lead to health problems

    According to a research conducted at Stanford University in 2013, students who spend too much time on homework might suffer from different health problems as a result of the stress and tension they experience.

  • 8 It can lead to social problems

    According to a research at Stanford University, students who spent too much time on homework experienced more alienation from society. This can lead to more problems including social isolation and aggression. See effective studying techniques.

  • 9 Long homework affect grades

    According to a research by University of Oviedo in Spain, math and science results began to decline when students were assigned 90-100 minutes of homework per day.

  • 10 Homework increases hate towards school

    Too much Homework can make kids find school less attractive and can even lead to hatred of school. This can lead to lack of motivation to study or to go to school.

  • 11 Homework might not improve grades

    With many studies pointing out that too much homework might negatively affect grades, the overall usefulness of homework can be questioned.

  • 12 It can promote cheating

    Too much homework can promote cheating since children might get motivated to copy the homework or find any other way to get rid of the amount of work they have to do.