Why i don't get tinder matches

  • 1 Your picture is unclear

    On tinder only one picture is shown to people as they make the decision. If the picture is unclear then people might not bother talking to you to see more of your pictures.

  • 2 You are not their type

    A person could agree that you are good looking yet refuse to make a like because he has a different taste. A person for example could only want to be with a blonde or a dark skinned person.

  • 3 Your picture looks fake

    If the picture is overly polished some people might believe that it's fake and as a result might not like it. See why people unmatch others on Tinder.

  • 4 Your looks reflect certain traits

    If your looks reflect certain personality traits then only those interested in those traits might like the picture. A person could be looking for an introvert to date for example. If the picture shows otherwise the person might get intimidated.

  • 5 You look like a doll

    Some men don't like women who seem like they have gone through many plastic surgeries. The doll look can push some men away.

  • 6 Your picture has more than one person

    People on Tinder have a plenty of supply that's why rejecting someone is easy for them. If your picture has more than one person then people might take the easier path and reject you. See why Tinder is bad for your mental health.

  • 7 They mistakenly passed your picture

    People who don't have Tinder plus can't go back to the pictures they clicked nope in. If a person was constantly clicking nope then they might miss a picture by mistake. See what happens when you unmatch someone on Tinder.

  • 8 Age difference

    Some people might be intimidated by the age difference especially if it was so large.

  • 9 They are unsure

    According to psychologists when plenty of options are available people tend to discard the options they are not sure about. You could be good looking but a person could discard the picture simply because he is unsure about it.

  • 10 You are posing

    Some people skip the pictures of the ones who are posing because of believing that the pictures don't really show how those people look like. 

  • 11 You are liking popular people

    Popular people have more choices on Tinder and as a result they are very likely to be extremely selective.

  • 12 You like few people

    Your chance on Tinder increases as you like more people. If you liked very few people then your chance will be lower.