Why is 1984 so popular decades later?

    Why is 1984 so popular decades later?

  • 1 It is a classic

    The novel 1984 is a classic work of fiction written by George Orwell who is a decorated author.

  • 2 It is political

    1984 handles the politics of a dystopian world run by a tyrannical party. It focuses on Winston Smith, an intelligent protagonist who doesn't believe in the new world order.

  • 3 It focuses on tyrannical rule

    The tyrannical rule in the world of 1984 is relevant to some countries where the freedom of speech is diminished.

  • 4 It focuses on the freedom of thought

    Freedom of thought is directed by the propaganda in the novel, which is something that a lot of people see the media worldwide doing in directing people to believe in certain things.

  • 5 Some people believe in it

    Some people believe that the novel is somewhat of a prophecy of the today world.

  • 6 It is very influential

    The novel influenced Alan Moore's V for Vendetta and the movie based on the comic. It is seen in many works of literature and many movies with some quotes.

  • 7 Its quotes are catchy

    One of the most popular quotes in the novel is 2+2=5 which is seen by many people nowadays as something to fight the tyranny in their respected countries. Other quotes are also meaningful and catchy.

  • 8 A lot of people relate to it

    People relate to the novel because of certain things that they encounter in their daily lives. The quote 'Big Brother is watching you' is something common among workers regarding their supervisors. However, what makes the novel even more relate-able is how it keeps everything vague.

  • 9 It inspired nu-speak

    Nu-speak is the language used online with abbreviations to 'you' as 'u'. In the novel, Newspeak was the language that was meant to erase freedom of thought.

  • 10 It deals with individuality

    The novel carries the main protagonist through his thoughts which are freely discussed within its pages. It also points out to sexuality and other aspects of the individual person and his consciousness. 

  • 11 It deals with mind-control

    A lot of people believe that the media and politicians are trying to mind-control people. The novel introduces the Thought Police which is something that terrifies intellectuals.

  • 12 Politicians hate it

    1984 saw a lot of hatred from politicians, which shows that the novel is somewhat true even to this day.

  • 13 It was banned

    The novel was subject to ban and legal challenges in some countries due to its contents. That has led people to become more curious about it despite it being written in 1948.