Why is Berserk (manga) so popular?

  • 1 It’s a darkfantasy manga

    Fantasy Mangas are very popular especially in Japan and USA. Berserk is often defined as one of the best in that category.

  • 2 It's highly praised

    Berserk is one of the most highly praised dark-fantasy mangas; being critically acclaimed by many critics. It has set a line for others to follow.

  • 3 The artwork is good

    The artwork in Berserk is highly praised, consisting of details that were scarcely seen in other previous works.

  • 4 The characters are well created

    The characters in Berserk are well created and designed, presenting the struggle between good and evil within each of them. They develop gradually through the work and continue to do so.

  • 5 It has several anime adaptations

    There are several anime adaptations for Berserk, including 2 series and 3 movies.

  • 6 It has several video game adaptations

    The medium that Berserk has reached is high considering that it has reached video gamers as well.

  • 7 It's still ongoing

    Berserk started in 1989 and is still ongoing until present day which makes it one of the longest runs in manga history developed by one artist.

  • 8 The story is compelling

    The story of Berserk follows tragedy and is compelling knowing that the ending is still yet to be written.

  • 9 It follows a tragic hero

    The main protagonist of the story is Guts, a tragic hero who has struggled to survive through the immense pain and suffering of the story.

  • 10 It's critically acclaimed

    Berserk is critically acclaimed and is known to be a massive seller, having sold over 40 million volumes worldwide as of 2016.

  • 11 Berserk is unpredictable

    The story of Berserk is highly unpredictable, going through different arcs and discovering more about characters while the world itself in the manga is changing and reaching an age of darkness.

  • 12 It redefines good and evil

    Berserk redefines the aspects that are considered good and those which are considered evil through its characters. That is most evident in Guts and Griffith who mirror and oppose each other.

  • 13 It doesn't lack comic relief

    Despite the tragic story, Berserk doesn't lack the comic relief. While the dark moments of the story are dark, there is comic relief to ease it for the reader just around the corner.

  • 14 It inspired many works

    Berserk inspired many works afterwards. Most evidently in the critically acclaimed video game franchise Dark Souls.