Why is Deadpool (character) so popular?

  • 1 He's funny

    Deadpool is one of the funniest characters in comic history, according to several sources.

  • 2 He's chaotic

    Deadpool started out as a villain in one of the comics. His character was a mercenary but then after a long disappearance, he got his own comics. The character itself is very chaotic, never having a right plan to do anything.

  • 3 The character was made as a mistake

    The design of the character was made as a mistake. He was originally a generic character with a bald head but then the character took a life of its own.

  • 4 He makes fun of other characters

    Deadpool is very popular for making fun of other characters. His sarcasm makes him a very appealing character.

  • 5 He was a parody

    Deadpool was originally Marvel's parody for DC's Deathstroke. However, the character has gained a lot more popularity than the original Deathstroke.

  • 6 Because of internet popularity

    A lot of fans cite social networks as the reason they knew about Deadpool. The comic book extracts and the memes that were made out of Deadpool catch people's attention.

  • 7 He breaks the fourth wall

    Deadpool is one of the very few comic books that breaks the fourth wall. He does so frequently and relentlessly, which addresses the fans more than most of the comic relieves in other characters.

  • 8 He doesn't take sides

    Deadpool doesn't take sides. He was originally a mercenary but then he changed his alliance. Despite being on the good side occasionally, he doesn't stick to the heroes' side all the time, which is something different that the fans enjoy about the character.

  • 9 He has funny team-ups

    It is occasional that Deadpool gets a team up with the likes of Spider-Man or other Marvel heroes. When that happens, it ends up as a hilarious team-up that allures to the fans.

  • 10 His movies are rated-R

    Deadpool was one of the most successful movies of 2016. It had an R-rating because of the violence, the language and the sexual imagery in the movie. However, that was one of the reasons why the movie was so popular.

  • 11 He's an unusual hero

    Deadpool is a very unusual superhero who doesn't always save the day, but he makes fun of it with inappropriate sarcasm. That makes him very fun to watch.