Why is Instagram so addictive

  • 1 Instant gratification

    People who get an immediate reward in the form of likes and comments right after making posts are the ones who are very likely to get addicted. The immediate reward makes posting more addictive. See also why some people post often on Facebook.

  • 2 Fear of losing a memory

    According to psychologists, people might get motivated to take a picture because they are afraid to lose the moment. Because Instagram allows very easy and fast picture-taking, it's used by many people to capture moments.

  • 3 It feeds the ego directly

    Unlike Facebook, Instagram makes people feel like mini celebrities. It feeds their egos directly and makes their self-esteem go up. When a person gets more followers on Instagram, their self-esteem might increase and this can motivate them to keep coming back.

  • 4 Curiosity forces us to check

    Curiosity is a very powerful human emotion.When a person gets curious about what others are doing, they might feel like checking Instagram. See why Instagram is so fake.

  • 5 Expecting a reward

    According to psychologists, when humans expect a certain reward, the chemical dopamine is pumped in the brain. Dopamine is released when a person gets likes, comments and other types of notifications.

  • 6 Ease of use

    According to psychologists, things that are easy to use and that are easily accessible can become very addictive, especially if they are rewarding. 

  • 7 It helps you stalk people

    Some people find Instagram very addictive because it helps them stalk the ones they are interested in. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is picture-based, and so it allows people to see the places others hang out at.

  • 8 We are social beings

    Humans are social beings. We have the innate desire of connecting with others. Just like other social networks, Instagram allows you to connect with people, and so it becomes more addictive. See why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 9 It makes people look better

    Instagram filters make people look much better than they are in real life. Many people become addicted to Instagram because it allows them to show others better looking pictures of them.

  • 10 The desire to be popular

    Many people dream about being popular. The fact that Instagram can allow them to collect followers can give them a lot of hope to become popular. This hope can fuel the person's desire to check Instagram over and over.

  • 11 It's full of unexpected rewards

    According to psychologists, unexpected rewards can easily cause addiction. A person might keep wondering who will follow them today or like their pictures on Instagram. This kind of unexpected reward can make Instagram very addictive. See why do people gamble.

  • 12 Constant novelty

    According to psychologists, novelty attracts attention and makes things addictive. If the person is following a large number of people on Instagram, each time they check it they will see novel posts. See why Facebook is addictive.