Why is PayPal good for business

  • 1 PayPal clients prefer using it

    People who already have a PayPal account trust PayPal and prefer to use it. Many PayPal customers might not feel comfortable using a credit card directly.

  • 2 Low processing fees

    PayPal has low credit card processing fees (2.9% + 0.3 USD). That's lower than the amount many payment gateways charge.

  • 3 No product approval required

    With PayPal, you can just create a payment button and add it right away to your site. You don't need to wait for your product to be approved by them.

  • 4 No site required

    With PayPal, you don't need to verify a specific site for use. You only activate the account then you can use it on any site you have.

  • 5 Simple setup

    PayPal is simple to use and set up. The setup process is fast and easy compared to the complex step required by some payment gateways.

  • 6 No need for a merchant account

    With PayPal, you don't need to set up a merchant account or apply for one. You can simply start selling by creating buttons then placing them on your site right away.

  • 7 Customers don't have to have PayPal

    Your customers don't have to have a PayPal account to make a purchase. However, oftentimes they are asked to register and this can reduce sales. See also the disadvantages of PayPal.

  • 8 Paypal supports a large number of countries

    As of 2017, PayPal supports 202 countries and can use 25 countries. PayPal can thus be familiar to your customers and it might motivate them to make a purchase.

  • 9 Many people are familiar with it

    With more than 200 million customers worldwide, more and more people are becoming familiar with PayPal. This could result in increased sales.

  • 10 Increase in customers

    According to a study by Nielsen Online Buyer Insights, merchants who offered the PayPal option to their customers saw a 27% customer increase in one year.

  • 11 PayPal encourages more spending

    According to the study by Nielsen Online Buyer Insights, customers who pay using PayPal had 1.8 times more transactions and spent 2 times more than customers who used other payment option.