Why is Pebble watch popular and successful

  • 1 Perfect timing

    Pebble launched it's watch very early. The product was on Kickstarter and started making sales long before apple released it's watch (See creating a successful kickstarter campaign).

  • 2 Targeted a broad segement

    Pebble watch is much cheaper than Apple's watch. The fact that the price targeted a broader segment of people helped Pebble gain initial traction fast. The cheapest Pebble model costs 99$, where as apple watches start from 350$  (See why the Apple watch is so expensive).

  • 3 The kickstarter campaign was very popular

    The pebble watch campaign became so popular because it raised millions of dollars in a very short period of time. Pebble got serious news coverage as a result and the Pebble watch became a popular topic.

  • 4 Long battery life

    Pebble decided they would create a simple watch with a long battery life. This gave it an edge over some competitors and helped it sell more. Some people report that the watch can work up to a week before needing to be charged .

  • 5 Pebble got so many customers from their Kickstarter campain

    Pebble got tens of thousands of customers from the kickstarter campaign it made. This made the company and the product popular in a very short period of time.

  • 6 Pebble is water proof

    The Pebble watch works under water and can survive up to 5 ATM. Samsung's watch, one of the greatest competitors of pebble, is water resistant but can't work under water.

  • 7 The screen never turns off

    Pebble's screen remains visible in light and dark. The OLED Samsung Gears are opaque in the sun, while the apple watch turns the screen off to save battery.

  • 8 Works with both Andriod and Iphone

    The apple watch only works with an iPhone but the Pebble watch works on both phones thus making it more convenient than apple to many people, especially the ones who don't own iPhones .

  • 9 It was the best at the time it was announced

    The Pebble watch was the best smart watch available for sale at the time it was announced. This gave it a strong edge and helped it become popular fast .

  • 10 Wearable devices were just taking Off

    As the idea of Wearable devices was becoming popular, Pebble appeared on the market thus took advantage of the popularity of a new market that was just about to take off.

  • 11 Men love watches

    A watch is a very important item to many men. Because men like watches it seemed like a good idea to have a smart one (See why Men love Watches).