Why is Prisma app popular

    Why is Prisma app popular

  • 1 Provides unusual filters

    Primsa App provides unusual types of artistic filters that Apps like Instagram doesn't have. People use the App to be able to apply those filters.

  • 2 The app is laser focused

    The app is very focused with just one feature provided, which is applying a filter to a photo. This made the app much easier to use.

  • 3 Very simple to use

    The Prisma app is a very simple App with almost no learning curve. Simpler products result in a higher adoption rate as more people stick to them.

  • 4 Produces artistic images

    Prisma doesn't have simple filters, but instead, it produces images that seem like they were painted by an artist.

  • 5 Uses advanced technologies

    Primsa App uses a complex algorithm based on artificial intelligence and neural networks to collect data about the image before applying the picture. This results in a much higher quality images. See why Instagram filters are bad.

  • 6 People feel like artists

    The Prisma app gives ordinary people the feel that they are like artists. People take the pictures themselves then turn them into artwork using Prisma.

  • 7 Relies on popular social networks

    Prisma depends on popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram to get its photos shared. This has made the popularity of the app rise fast.

  • 8 It's fast

    Similar products that process images require several minutes, and sometimes more, to produce similar art work. Prisma takes a few seconds to get that done.