Why is Spotify so popular

    Why is Spotify so popular

  • 1 It's free

    While Spotify has a premium service that offers more advantages, the normal user can still listen to music for free without paying anything.

  • 2 Large number of tracks

    Spotify has around 20 million tracks available for free use. People usually find the tracks they are looking for easily on Spotify. 

  • 3 It's legal

    Spotify provided a good solution for music piracy unlike Napster, which was based on trading music illegally. Instead of trying to get illegal tracks and feeling guilty about it, a person can listen to the same track on Spotify in a legal way.

  • 4 No need to download music

    Spotify allows users to listen to music instantly without having to wait for a download. Unlike iTunes, the track doesn't have to be purchased first.

  • 5 The ability to download the songs

    Spotify allows premium users to download the songs for offline listening. This makes it much easier for people to listen to their favorite music anytime.

  • 6 Ability to move the list anywhere

    When a person updates his music list on desktop, it also gets updated on his mobile app and vice versa. This makes the music list more portable and easier to access for users.

  • 7 Solution to music piracy

    Some artists think that Spotify is the solution to music piracy which has been going on for a long time. This gave the service more popularity among artists. See also why people download pirated Video games.

  • 8 Easier to use than Rhapsody

    According to an article on Business Insider, Spotify is much easier to use than Rhapsody which provides an almost similar service.

  • 9 Sharing music easily

    With Spotify a person can easily share music with other Spotify users or even through external social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • 10 Better pricing than Rhapsody

    Spotify allows access on all devices for $9.99 a month, whereas Rhapsody's Premier Plus gives access to 3 devices for $14.99.