Why is Tinder addictive

  • 1 Unexpected rewards

    The Tinder App is based on the addictive concept of the unexpected reward , which makes gambling additive, as the person always believe that he might a response by swiping one more time.

  • 2 Endless swiping

    The fact that swiping can be endless can keep some people hooked up to the app. It's the same concept that Pinterest uses which relies on the fact that endless scrolling keeps people interested. 

  • 3 Self esteem boost

    When a person gets a response on Tinder their self esteem goes up. The self esteem boost people get , in addition to the fact that it's unexpected, makes the use of the App very rewarding.

  • 4 Very fast reward

    As soon as the person uses the App he starts getting rewards, in the form of suggestions of possible partners. This kind of fast reward in addition to the simplicity of the App makes it very addictive. See why Tinder is popular.

  • 5 Hopefulness leads to addiction

    As the person develops hope of finding a partner through the App this hope motivates them to keep using the App over and over.

  • 6 Dopamine addiction

    Dopamine is the chemical the brain released when a reward is expected. With every swipe dopamine can be produced in the brain thus keeping people extremely interested in the App.

  • 7 Results in strong emotional responses

    Tinder targets some of the strong desires people have such as the desire to be accepted, the desire to be liked for their looks and many other desires. Those desires make the experience very emotional and as a result it becomes more addictive.

  • 8 Large number of users

    The fact that a large number of people use Tinder makes the expected rewards more powerful and the App more addictive.